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Anti-Human IgA Antibody [KT40]

Catalog No. K01001M06E09H
  • Sandwich ELISA

    Microtiter wells were coated with KT41 at 3 µg/mL as the capture antibody. Human IgA was used as the antigen. Peroxidase conjugated mouse anti-human IgA monoclonal antibody (KT40) was used as the detection antibody. 

    Result: KT40 and KT41 can be used as a matched antibody pair to detect and quantify the concentration of human IgA.

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Full details

  • Product name

    Anti-Human IgA Antibody (HRP) [KT40]

  • Antibody specificity

    Ig alpha-1 chain C region and Ig alpha-2 chain C region (IgA1, IgA2)

  • Species reactivity


  • Clonality


  • Clone number


  • Host / isotype

    Mouse / IgG1

  • Immunogen

    Recombinant human IgA2

  • Cross reactivity

    Not tested

  • Form


  • Concentration

    1 mg/mL in phosphate buffered saline containing 0.01% preservative

  • Conjugation

    Conjugated with peroxidase

  • Shipping, storage and shelf life

    Shipped at ambient temperature. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
    Upon receipt,
    * 3 months when stored at 2 to 8 °C
    * 1 year when aliquoted and stored at -20 °C
    * 3 years when aliquoted and stored at -80 °C


Full details

Recommend concentration


  • Sandwich ELISA

    1 µg/mL

    Peroxidase conjugated KT40 can pair with KT41 for sandwich ELISA. KT41 is used as the capture antibody.


The applications above have already been verified. The antibody may be suitable for additional applications.

Optimal antibody concentrations for each application should be determined by the user.

Additional information
  • Target antigen
    • Protein name:

      Immunoglobulin heavy constant alpha 2 (A2m marker)

    • Gene name:


    • Uniprot Accession:


    • Organism:

      Homo sapiens (Human)

  • Paired antibody information

    KT40 may pair with KT41 for sandwich based immune assays.