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About us

Empowering Protein Science

Absea, located in the vibrant Life Science Park of Beijing, is committed to cutting-edge protein research.  Absea has established outstanding protein R&D and technology platforms. Today, Absea has built the world's largest high-throughput protein expression platform and soluble human protein repository, and develops monoclonal antibodies to target the entire proteome. As a driver of innovation, Absea is augmenting its expertise in protein biotechnology with the power of state-of-the-art AI and bioinformatics tools. With this unique skill set, Absea is emerging as a rising star in proteome science and actively expanding its services into in vitro diagnostics, life science research and biopharmaceuticals.

At Absea, we are committed to deliver protein products with unmatched quality, characterization depth, and manufacturing speed. We open untapped opportunities in protein research by fostering innovation, cooperation and exploration. A trusted collaborator of industrial and academic researchers across the globe, we strive to become a long-term partner for the world's leading labs, companies and service providers to empower science.

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    Human proteins produced

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    Custom mAb projects

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    New proteins per month

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Where we work

Beijing site
  • Founded in 2001

Suzhou site
  • Founded in Mar 2020.

Main sites

  • Beijing
    • R&D Center

    • 5000m2 protein production site

  • Suzhou
    • Headquarter

    • Business Center

  • Shanghai
    • Business Center

    • Sales


Who we are

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    Tao Chen

    CEO of Absea

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    Wei Zhang

    Founder and CSO of Absea

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  • liu.jpg
    Fan Liu

    SAB chair of Absea

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    Frank Grosveld

    Co-founder and SAB member of Absea

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What we stand for

Our Promise
  • Thoroughly validated, high-quality products

  • Customized services and product design

  • Fast production at large scale

Our Approach
  • Mature manufacturing system

  • Integration of cutting-edge AI and proteomics technology

  • Interdisciplinary team of highly qualified experts

Our Mission
  • Advancing academic and industrial research

  • Generating high-quality antibodies for next-generation diagnostics

  • Developing new tools and reagents for proteomics and life sciences