About Absea
Absea is a transformative force in the protein engineering industry. Established in 2020, we are one of the fastest-growing biotech companies with currently over 250 employees across the globe.
Our cutting-edge platform for developing soluble proteins and monoclonal antibodies offers unparalleled throughput, enabling up to 1000 new development projects per month. Through dynamic collaborations with leaders in the life sciences, especially in proteomics, we have built a library of 12,000 soluble proteins covering 60% of the human proteome and we continue to broaden our synthetic proteome portfolio. Our monoclonal antibodies, validated for diverse applications, stand ready for widespread supply to the general market. Beyond this, we offer cutting-edge technological solution for proteomics and interactomics.
From our Innovation Center in Berlin, Manufacturing Centers in China, and Commercialization Center in the Bay Area, we cater to the needs of protein scientists as well as industry partners active in AI-driven protein design, diagnostics, and drug development. We strive to become a long-term partner for the world's leading labs, companies and service providers.

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Core Team
Tao Chen
Founder & CEO
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Wei Zhang
Asset Development & Co-founder
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Fan Liu
SAB Chair & Co-founder
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Philip Lössl
Science and Business Development
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Frank Grosveld
SAB member
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